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The Comprehensive Immigration Reform (USA)

"Why should we punish people who are just trying to earn a living?"

It's really interesting me!
Actually, by the way, I think it is interesting for a lot of people.
The people who's thinking in travel abroad, to know another culture, another people, to learn another language, so on. Another good point here, in my point of view; This video below is only talking about the United States new plans for immigrants, but we cannot forget that United States of America is a strong and powerful country, consequently, this country is like a mirror for another ones.
What I mean by that is that some of those plans can (and will!) used for another governments in many moments. We know that!
So, whether you think like me, you must to watch this Barack Obama's speech, paying attention in what is coming to the next years and get started to drawn your trip plans!
A lot of opportunities will open up from it! ...At least, I hope so...

Steve Jobs x Bill Gates - Some of the Differences

Everyone knows that there are a lot of differences between them.
But, we're always reading, listening to and so on, serious things about those differences.
The SuperNews Guys created a very funny cartoon about it.

So, I really ask you to watch it and, as Steve Jobs says; Hey Bill, I'm sorry for making fun with Nerds!