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The Karate Kid - Remake 2010

Hey, how old are you?
Why? Do you like movies too?
If your answer is Yes, You will really love this post!
Yes, do you remember of Daniel San and Mister Miyagi?
They were great, isn't it?

Ok, I'll stop exactly now to put many interrogations point here and only keep focus on this topic! rsrs...

So, that movie, The Karate Kid, was a big success when I was more young.
I watched all sequencies of it. Fantastic!

And now, Sony Pictures Entertainment realese the first official trailler of the remake of that movie.

With Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son, and Jackie Chan in the cast, it seems that we can wait for another great success.

For now, let's watch the Trailer...
Play, please! :D

Listening, Writing, Translating and Learning!

If you study english like me, by yourself, I think really important you do it:
Create the legend for some videos, some times!
Why? Because to do it, you are obliged to listen to and watch, obviously, the same thing once, twice, thrice or much more times, to know exactly what the people are talking, I mean, you have interpret what is present through this.

So, a good exercise, isn't it? :D
I think so!

Well, I chose a english lesson video, which I like so much.
I'm don't just talking about that one, but I like so much of this method present by Michael F. Marzio, administrator of RealEnglish's channel on YouTube, together with some his friends and teachers who he knows.

But, before I begin, let me do a little observation here: As I am a self-student of English, sure, I can make some mistakes here. If you see something wrong in my translate, please, let me know it, through the field comments. Thank you! =D

Ok... Let's get started! ;-)

If you wacth the video first and fo…

Talking about Rock And Roll, Foo Fighters! (*ESL)

That's a great Rock and Roll band, Don't you think so?
I could say, the greatest Rock and Roll band, but Primus, for me, always will be The Greatest Rock and Roll band! 8)

But, let's go ahead based on this subject post...
So, Foo Fighters have always showed for us great songs, since short and agressive songs, until slow and very well worked songs. And, talking about live presentations, they've a great stage performance.
Finaly, and the most important, these guys always have had: Attitude!

I don't want take much your time out.
So, the song I want let here called: The Pretender.

Have you heard this music?
Amazing!!! 8)

A friend of mine presented for me that song two weeks ago. I've never heard that music until there moment.
Really, Amazing!!! :D

Ok, as Po told for us: Enough talk, let's fight! ;)

Short note: I was thinking they released the album of this music at the begin of this year, 2009, but looking out a little bit on the internet, I discovered that t…

New York City - 10 Things You Need To Know

I really thought this video below fantastic!
I've never went to New York, but I believe that this time is comming!
At least, I'm preparing myself to do it...
I'm studing English a lot... I'm finding out informations about that city, so on...
Talking about the WebSite/Company responsible for recorded this video, called HostelWorld, is really interesting.
They allow you find out a safe place to stay, in many countries.
It's really interesting, because help people who want travel a lot and know the world!

Well, let's go ahead...
Watch this video, create your own travel map and good voyage! =D

Make mistakes! This is the way! (EFL)

Yes, it's the great phrase...
It's the great tip...
It's really help you to improve your english!

I just watch a video on EnglishClub, where some people, English Foreign Learners (and Teachers), are talking about "What do you must do to improve your english skills".
Well, this issue is related to the hardest things to do to some people. But it shouldn't be!

Yes, I think that you cannot have fear to talk or write, for example, in other language, when you decide study about it.

If you made a choice like this, congratulations, but before that, I have to tell you, go ahead!
I mean, did you choose to study english, isn't it?
Ok... You must do everything that you can do in english! Do you know what I mean?

If you can listen to whatever in english, go ahead... But, if you only can write in english, because your job, your children, anyway, go ahead.
But if you have luck to talk in english, also you can listen to everything, write, really participate of some vi…