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A Documentary about Thiago "Pitbull" Alves.

Do you like Sports?
And MMA, do you like of it?
Yes, I'm asking that because MMA is different.
It isn't simply a kind of sport, it's more than that, MMA is a lifestyle!
I know only a few guys that train a little bit for this art.
But I know many people that really, really love this style, this art, and I am one of them!

So, the brazilian MMA fighters are literally beating in everyone in the world out there.
There are a lot of names that we can cite here, but it's time to talk about Thiago "Pitbull" Alves.

This guy is very technical, professional Muay Thai and very angry when gets up on the octagon.
Because of this, there are a lot of supporters for Him around the world, as we can see here at the Weigh in for UFC 124.

This documentary below show us a little bit about his day like fighter.
Very interesting!

Well, watch it and I hope you enjoy it as I did! ;-)

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform (USA)

"Why should we punish people who are just trying to earn a living?"

It's really interesting me!
Actually, by the way, I think it is interesting for a lot of people.
The people who's thinking in travel abroad, to know another culture, another people, to learn another language, so on. Another good point here, in my point of view; This video below is only talking about the United States new plans for immigrants, but we cannot forget that United States of America is a strong and powerful country, consequently, this country is like a mirror for another ones.
What I mean by that is that some of those plans can (and will!) used for another governments in many moments. We know that!
So, whether you think like me, you must to watch this Barack Obama's speech, paying attention in what is coming to the next years and get started to drawn your trip plans!
A lot of opportunities will open up from it! ...At least, I hope so...

Steve Jobs x Bill Gates - Some of the Differences

Everyone knows that there are a lot of differences between them.
But, we're always reading, listening to and so on, serious things about those differences.
The SuperNews Guys created a very funny cartoon about it.

So, I really ask you to watch it and, as Steve Jobs says; Hey Bill, I'm sorry for making fun with Nerds!

Have you got a Macintosh? Behold VM Fusion!

Even some people just use computers to do their work, to pain their bills, etc, we are always listening to a sea of things about it. Technology!
The new features, applications, devices and, consequently, possibilities.

Talking about operating systems specificly, I believe that you know this; Nowadays, we can run different enviroments at the same machine.
What I mean by that is if you've got an IBM PC, for example, which some people called of "The normal PCs", you can install any version of the Windows on that machine, and later you can install an application that allow you to use Linux, or whatever Operating System do you want, in that same machine, at the same time.

It is called of Virtualization. Ok.

I few days ago I earned a MacBook Pro 4.1, from my Mother.
What??? Did you earn a MacBook??
Yes, I earned it. I did not believe too. =D

Well, I used Macintosh too much time ago, when I worked for Better Comunicação, an advertising agency, but many things about that plat…

[Mobile Lifestyle] Your Blog and your Cell Phone.

When we talk about technology, about users and internet, to be more specific, we can see that our life, our behaviors is changing, indeed.
We are living most of our time with our mobile devices than with our girlfriends/wives. Indeed... twice... rssrs
Nowadays, everything is conected to each other.
We can take photos, make videos, send e-mails, talk to whoever we wish, whenever we want, whereever we are, in some cases, in the same time, is not it? Ok.
There is many services nowadays too, like Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, which we called of Social Media. Most of us have an account on these. By the way, there is some companies using these services to do their business, to increase their credits front of their customers, so on. But We, simple internet surfers, really love it. Am I lying? Of course not!
We love to keep ourselves connected ever!
So, as I do not want to take your time away, enough to talk!
Let's go straight to the point!

If your mobile allow you to send SMS, MMS and…

Cartoon - Plan B

The Google TV. Do you know it?

The Google Company just release a new one; The Google TV!
A 'multimillion-channel' TV came up to change the way to find out entertainment through of television.
I will not talk too much here, because we can see all details from the video below. Check this out!

The Infrastructure Behind of Cloud Computing

Have you heard about Cloud Computing, haven't you? I think so... But, if you do not work with Information Technology, I think you do not know many details about the structure that companies that are offering this technology has to have inside their Data Centers.

**Note: This post was translated from "Os bastidores da nuvem", writen by Gilberto Mautner and published at "Info Blogs".

Ok, let's go ahead...
To create an Internet Service Provider based on Cloud Computing, or something like this, the companies need to have many computers in their Data Centers, but these computers cannot be simple machines, I mean, these computers must be super machines. They are the Server Machines!

To be a Server Machine, the computer should hav more powerfull processors, much more memory, and much more disk space.

To see one of many models of actual Servers, Click Here.

Server Machines, not as many people think about, do not need a keyboard and a monitor to each of these one (o…

Where do we taking our world?

If you don't like of Nu Metal, Skip this post, pls...

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Yes, I'm asking you about listen to, because some kinds are made to you dance, or to have breakfest, or to stay with your love, and so on...
Am I wrong? =D

So, I really like many kinds, but, in general, my favorite style is the Rock And Roll.

By the way, I decided to learn to play guitar (and similars instruments like bass and eletric guitar) a few years ago, because I always thought about to do something different, thinking about therapy, and this is one of the many ways to do this.
So, from of this, I started to listen to somethings alternative... Then I figured out this band, Korn.
Wow!!! This is Fantastic(!!!), I said... rs
I was 18 and it was perfect to that time.
I was young and rebel... Don't you? rssrs...

Since then, I started looking for different bands,,,
Nowadays, there is a lot great bands, but, as many things in our life, changes came for me... My time is very short today... My little princess, called Bárbara, don'…

Why Do We Want Have an iPad?

Talking about technology, the iPad is the newest and exciting thing at this moment.
The Apple company, of Steve Jobs, created that product thinking exactly at those people; The Geeks and The lovers of tecnology.

When they really announced the sales to everyone, many people taken himself out of the bed very early to get it.

Below, the "Apple iPad Tour Video".
So, let's check it out if those people were right. ;-)
Let's check it out.

One of Microsoft Data Centers. Fantastic!!!

That is really awesome!
I'd like to have the pleasure to know a place like that. It isn't for anyone, indeed.
But, thanks to the internet, we can see some images and videos about that and another thousands of things, from kilometers far away. Fantastic!

So, there is a post at Gizmodo, talking about that issue.
By the way, the post was writing very well. They presented some technology details, but nothing much specific. Very good.

I can't write much.
Why? My little daughter don't let me do it.
She wants to watch "A galinha pintadinha". rs.
Let's check it out.

Ps: If you want to read and to know much more about it, visit this Blog: MS DataCenters

There is problems, but there is plans!

We have seeing many Americans, which are really living right now into the bubble of economic crisis in the United States of America, as we know, don't believe that the President Barack Obama is doing the rights things to solve the problems of that country and its consequences.

But, even I being a Brazilian person and living out of that country, I'm always reading, seeing and listening to everything about what He's doing. I think He is going by the right way, I mean, I believe in His actions!

And don't talking about the present, but taking advantage and talking about the future, I think He is continue to work follow the principles of the 1º world countries: The education is the key!
This video below show us a President B. Obama's speech about "The New Steps to Prepare Children for College and Careers", in other words, about education, about the key.

Let's watch it...

Some phrases with new words. (ESL)

I feel that I need to increase my english vocabulary.
And it's right because I study this language and I want to have a fluent english.
Ok. But how to do it?

If you are an English Student as me, I must know that this part is one of de most difficult thing: Really learn, I mean, record in our mind some new words to thinking in use those naturaly.

Some teachers say, and I believe in them, that you need read a lot and write double that you actualy do!
When you do it, read, you know new words.
When you write, you record those new words.
It's like our brain works.

So, to practice this part of my studys, I'll write some new words that I always listen to in news a read in books and magazines and after this, I'll write some short phrases with these words.

If you want to do it too, feel free!
It's really really.
Ok, so, let's get started!

The words that I chose for now:

- Deep;
- Overwhelm;
- Overwhelming;
- Struggle;
- Threat;
- Harsh;

- I feel myself deeply happy beca…

President B. Obama has a real big problem to solve!

Yes, he has!
I'm don't only talking about economic or health care problems... There is many other problems like racism and old and non-evolved culture, if I can say like this.
I mean, many things really changed, to better, but some people don't!
Some people are still very archaic and, in my opinion, foolish.

Watch this video and I think that you will understand me.

Learn a lot Online For Free!

Are you find out something new to learn?
Have you visited the blog called Open Culture
But You should! =D

This blog contain a lot of interesting informations, about many issues. Like the name says to us, They always really publish content related with culture, I mean, that really will be relevant for us.
A few days ago I was finding out something new to study...
I don't knew what I wanted. So, surfing at Open Culture I found a post related a Free Online Courses from Top Universities.

There on the list, there are many many subjects; Since Archeology until Engineering.
And which universities?
Hunf... UC Berkeley, MIT, Stanford
It's really rich!

So, my advice?
Go to visit this content and record that address:
Good studys to you too!