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The Mother Earth is really angry...

It's difficult times for many countries,,,
Brazil, Australia, Haiti,,,

Natural Tragedies,,, Really, really sad,,,
Entire families are getting killed by those disasters,,,
Difficult times for our world,,,
Really, really sad,,,

A lot of people are seeing their lives devastated because of the floods, the earthequakes, tsunamis and things like that...
But did you already stop to think only for one minute about what is the root cause, the main reason of it all?
If you didn't do that, you should!
Because you are the reason!
We are the reason!
The human beings,,,

Our acts! Our actions! What we have been done since many years,,,
This is the main reason,,,

We achieved a point where nobody can stop what the nature is bringing to us...
We can do just one thing: Get our knees together at the ground and make our Prayers!
I really hope that everything get normal as soon as possible.
As well as many people, I know, but,,,
Good lucky to all of us...

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