Talking about Rock And Roll, Foo Fighters! (*ESL)

That's a great Rock and Roll band, Don't you think so?
I could say, the greatest Rock and Roll band, but Primus, for me, always will be The Greatest Rock and Roll band! 8)

But, let's go ahead based on this subject post...
So, Foo Fighters have always showed for us great songs, since short and agressive songs, until slow and very well worked songs. And, talking about live presentations, they've a great stage performance.
Finaly, and the most important, these guys always have had: Attitude!

I don't want take much your time out.
So, the song I want let here called: The Pretender.

Have you heard this music?
Amazing!!! 8)

A friend of mine presented for me that song two weeks ago. I've never heard that music until there moment.
Really, Amazing!!! :D

Ok, as Po told for us: Enough talk, let's fight! ;)

Short note: I was thinking they released the album of this music at the begin of this year, 2009, but looking out a little bit on the internet, I discovered that the Foo Fighters last album, which has The Pretender, by the way, was released at 2007! :o

Foo Fighters - The Pretender (Live @ Wembley Stadium 2008)


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