There is problems, but there is plans!

We have seeing many Americans, which are really living right now into the bubble of economic crisis in the United States of America, as we know, don't believe that the President Barack Obama is doing the rights things to solve the problems of that country and its consequences.

But, even I being a Brazilian person and living out of that country, I'm always reading, seeing and listening to everything about what He's doing. I think He is going by the right way, I mean, I believe in His actions!

And don't talking about the present, but taking advantage and talking about the future, I think He is continue to work follow the principles of the 1º world countries: The education is the key!
This video below show us a President B. Obama's speech about "The New Steps to Prepare Children for College and Careers", in other words, about education, about the key.

Let's watch it...


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