[Mobile Lifestyle] Your Blog and your Cell Phone.

Mobile LifeStyle! When we talk about technology, about users and internet, to be more specific, we can see that our life, our behaviors is changing, indeed.
We are living most of our time with our mobile devices than with our girlfriends/wives. Indeed... twice... rssrs
Nowadays, everything is conected to each other.
We can take photos, make videos, send e-mails, talk to whoever we wish, whenever we want, whereever we are, in some cases, in the same time, is not it? Ok.
There is many services nowadays too, like Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, which we called of Social Media. Most of us have an account on these. By the way, there is some companies using these services to do their business, to increase their credits front of their customers, so on. But We, simple internet surfers, really love it. Am I lying? Of course not!
We love to keep ourselves connected ever!
So, as I do not want to take your time away, enough to talk!
Let's go straight to the point!

If your mobile allow you to send SMS, MMS and E-mails, you can send posts, including texts, of course, and photos to your Blog at Blogspot.

As I told you, let's go straight to the point!
Press Play below and enjoy updating your Blog! ;-)


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