The speech of Mr. Presid. Barack Obama in Brazil.

In my opinion, it was really great!
We had seen a lot of different opinions about His visit here, many of those, by the way, a few agressive, but We have to respect everyone and their opinions, isn't it? Of course!

So, it's my opinion and I repeat it: It was an honor to receive Mr President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and His family here, in Brazil!

They are always smiling, they are very humble and, speaking a little bit about this little detail, I know "they" are politicians, but I don't think it's not true, I mean, I think "they" are like we see.
As we have seen from journals, tv shows and so on, in anywhere, He and the first lady Mrs Michelle Obama are opend mind, they have good and modern ideas and attitudes... Very, very good!

Well, let's see one more speech from Mr President Barack Obama, which was here in Brazil, specifically at Theatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro. =D

*Ps: If you'd like to read the entile speech, just Click Here!


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