Some phrases with new words. (ESL)

I feel that I need to increase my english vocabulary.
And it's right because I study this language and I want to have a fluent english.
Ok. But how to do it?

If you are an English Student as me, I must know that this part is one of de most difficult thing: Really learn, I mean, record in our mind some new words to thinking in use those naturaly.

Some teachers say, and I believe in them, that you need read a lot and write double that you actualy do!
When you do it, read, you know new words.
When you write, you record those new words.
It's like our brain works.

So, to practice this part of my studys, I'll write some new words that I always listen to in news a read in books and magazines and after this, I'll write some short phrases with these words.

If you want to do it too, feel free!
It's really really.
Ok, so, let's get started!

The words that I chose for now:

- Deep;
- Overwhelm;
- Overwhelming;
- Struggle;
- Threat;
- Harsh;

- I feel myself deeply happy because I'm really learning english! =D
That was great, wasn't it? rssrs

- Some people were literally overwhelmed by snow on the last sunday in a little town at Russia.
Very sad! It really can happen there. Wel...

- When the robber held my hand, I started to struggle thinking in hit at his face!
héhéhé... I'm a tough guy! rs.

- The threat is coming! Be careful!
The rumors about 2012 is truth? Holy shit! rs

- Ok, I'll try don't be so harsh with you, honey...
héhéhé... I'm talking to my wife. rsrs.

Well, for now, that's all!
I'll try to remember of these words and use it everyday.

God bless us! ;-)


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