If you don't like of Nu Metal, Skip this post, pls...

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Yes, I'm asking you about listen to, because some kinds are made to you dance, or to have breakfest, or to stay with your love, and so on...
Am I wrong? =D

So, I really like many kinds, but, in general, my favorite style is the Rock And Roll.

By the way, I decided to learn to play guitar (and similars instruments like bass and eletric guitar) a few years ago, because I always thought about to do something different, thinking about therapy, and this is one of the many ways to do this.
So, from of this, I started to listen to somethings alternative... Then I figured out this band, Korn.
Wow!!! This is Fantastic(!!!), I said... rs
I was 18 and it was perfect to that time.
I was young and rebel... Don't you? rssrs...

Since then, I started looking for different bands,,,
Nowadays, there is a lot great bands, but, as many things in our life, changes came for me... My time is very short today... My little princess, called Bárbara, don't let me do nothing when I'm in home, as my wife do... hunf...
But, my MP4 has 2GB of old things and one thing that I've never let fail in, is related to this band.

Well, I'll stop to take your time out, ok?
Increase the volume and watch this video below.
This is fucking good!

Korn - Right Now + Did My Time (Live in Serbia/2009)

By the way, They are Back!
That's great, isn't it?
Click Here to Watch and listen to the new video clip of Korn.


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