Where could I go on my next vacation?

Vacations, I need you!

We're enjoying the summer yet,,,
I mean, the sun is shining,,,
It's been really hot during the day and the night,,,
But I'll start to drawning new plans to my next vacation.

I want to know a new beach!
There are a lot of beatifull places here in Brazil.
By the way, as you know, every year a lot of people come here from different countries to visit our cities, our beaches, our culture, the different ways that we live and things like that.
Actually, our country is blessed I think...

So, where could I go on my next vacation?
Natal - RN?
Bonito - MG?
Fortaleza - Ceará?
Fernando de Noronha - Pernambuco?

I don't know yet...
But, as said at the beginning, I'll start to drawning the plans for my next vacation.
And don't worry, I let you know when I decided it! =D


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